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Navigating New Zealand's Green List Pathway: Updates, Eligibility, and Future Prospects

In this month's article, we will focus on the Green List Pathway, specifically the Straight to Residence Visa (STR) and Work to Residence Visa. We will discuss the latest updates within this pathway and provide detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria, registration requirements, and experience necessary for prospective applicants.

Green List pathway:

The Green List offers two distinct pathways for obtaining residence status: a fast-track option and a work-to-residence pathway. Additionally, there is a specific pathway for eligible migrants working in these occupations or those earning double the median wage, which provides them with well-defined routes to attain residence.

Straight to Residence Visa - This visa can be sought by individuals who are presently employed or possess a job offer from an accredited employer, provided their role falls under Tier 1 list of the in-demand Green List.

Work to Residence Visa - If an individual has a job or a job offer for an occupation listed under Tier 2 list and meets the specified criteria concerning qualifications, registration, and wage levels, they must need two years of relevant work experience in New Zealand under a designated visa category. Following this period, a person can apply for the Work to Residence Visa.

Here are some sought-after roles traditionally in demand in New Zealand:

Health and Social services:

o Registered Nurses

o Physicians

o Dentists


o Early Childhood Educators

o Primary School Teachers

o Secondary School Teachers

o Middle School/Intermediate Teachers


o Civil Engineers

o Electrical Engineers

o Mechanical Engineers

o Telecommunications Engineers


o Construction Project Managers

o Surveyors

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Electronics, and Telecommunications:

o Multimedia Specialists

o Software Engineers

o Software Testers

Skilled Trades:

o Electricians

o Gasfitters

o Motor Mechanics

o Plumbers

Please note these are some roles under green list. For complete information please visit immigration new Zealand website for more details and information.

Changes in Green list updates:

Starting on December 15, 2022, registered nurses and midwives will transition from the Work to Residence pathway to the Straight to Residence Green List route. Additionally, all medical doctors will become eligible for the Straight to Residence pathway. Furthermore, as of March 2023, auditors will also be integrated into the Straight to Residence Green List pathway.

Roles added to the Green List:

Seventeen roles are set to be incorporated into the Green List, as a result of a planned and focused evaluation carried out by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The roles to be included in the Green List are as follows:

Aviation Engineer (Avionics, Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineer)

Naval Architects (aka Marine Designer)

Mechanical Engineering Technician

ICT Database and System Administrator

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Road Roller Operator

Paving Plant Operator

Corrections Officer

Metal Fabricator

Pressure Welder


Fitter (General)

Fitter and Turner


Metal Machinist (First Class)

Panel Beater

Vehicle Painter.

These roles are scheduled to be included in the Green List starting from March 2024. For detailed information about the specific requirements for each role and the corresponding residence pathway, you can find the relevant details on the Immigration New Zealand website closer to the designated time.

If you require additional details about the Green list pathway, feel free to reach out to Kiwiana Immigration Advisers for expert guidance and information.

For additional information, kindly reach out to our licensed advisors at


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