December 2021

This past year has been another tough year for many if not all of us. Whether it be work, friends or family, the pandemic has affected our interactions and relations. We lived two lives during the lockdown(s), one in the physical world and one in front of digital screens in the virtual world. All these factors have influenced our mental health and well-being. This is why, we are organising a panel discussion on 'Mental health & resilience in the time of COVID' on 21 Dec 2021.

This newsletter also has videos from our informative session, on 'Employment Rights in NZ' and 'Immigration updates about the One-off Resident Visa', please do watch them for key insights. 

October 2021

This newsletter has details of our upcoming webinar on 'Careers in Real Estate' on 28 Oct 2021. This newsletter also has videos from our live chat, on 'The 2021 One-off Resident Visa Policy' and webinars on 'Careers in Construction and Trades', and 'Careers in Horticulture' please do watch them for key insights. 

We have shared a few important resources regarding COVID19, please ensure you are up to date with all the information and have access to all the resources that might help you cope with this outbreak.

August 2021

This newsletter has videos from our last webinar, on 'Professional use of LinkedIn' and 'Latest immigration updates', please do watch them for key insights. It also has details of our upcoming webinar on 'Careers in Horticulture' and 'Immigration updates' on 11 Sep 2021. Please register to attend this free session.

We have shared a few important resources regarding COVID19, please ensure you are up to date with all the information and have access to all the resources that might help you cope with this outbreak.

July 2021

June 2021 marked the second anniversary of the Migrant Careers Support Trust. In a short span of two years, we have been able to create a community which continues to grow and help one another in professional pursuits. A big thank you to everyone, we are truly grateful.

In other news, our LinkedIn group has been revived on popular demand! Read the newsletter for more details.

We have successfully completed the Job Seekers Bootcamp series. Four workshops were conducted from Dec 2020- May 2021 in various locations across Auckland to help migrant job seekers and entrepreneurs get their dream job. Videos and pictures from the workshops can be found in this newsletter. 

May 2021

Highlights of the Job Seekers Bootcamp conducted on 7-8 May in Central Auckland can be found in this issue. We thank all the speakers and attendees for making yet another bootcamp successful.

April 2021

We have successfully completed another workshop, the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp on 8-9 April, glimpses from the event can be found in this newsletter.

Details of an upcoming webinar on Careers in IT can be found within too.

Job Seekers Bootcamp future dates are also included in this newsletter.

March 2021

A few exciting upcoming events, for anyone who wants to start their employed or self-employed career journeys! First up is the Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, which is a two day workshop for those seeking to start their own business. Details of the boot camp can be found in the newsletter.

Continuing our Job Seekers Boot Camp series, Job Seekers Boot Camp Part 3 will be held on 7-8 May in Central Auckland, and Part 4 on 28-29 May in South & East Auckland. Details inside!

January 2021

After the success of our first workshop for the Job Seekers Boot Camp, we are excited to announce the dates for the upcoming workshops.The details can be found in this newsletter, please register now as seats are limited.

December 2020

The last month has been very hectic and fruitful. We have completed our first boot camp for Job Seekers. We received very good feedback from the attendees and we hope to replicate this workshop in the coming months. 
Keep in touch with our social media channels, for regular updates, announcements, and job postings.

November 2020

we share with you the latest details on our upcoming event, The Job Seekers Boot Camp. If you are in pursuit of your dream job, we have joined hands with leading industry experts to help guide you on your journey.

There are other updates, opportunities & resources for you to have a look at as well. Do give it a read!

September 2020

In this newsletter, we share with you video of our last webinar on transitional careers, by an expert from MYOB education, Shailan Patel. 

Our trust was recently covered in a story by the NZ Herald, which spoke on the troubled times for migrants due to COVID. You can have a read and share your thoughts as well. 

August 2020

The last few months have been challenging and testing for everyone, including migrants. We are working hard behind the scenes to conduct workshops and webinars with experts so that as a community we are able to emerge stronger from the global pandemic.

In this newsletter, you will also find videos of our webinars, like Careers in IT sector in NZ. We have also listed a few job opportunities that are open for applications currently.

July 2020

In this newsletter, you will find videos of our previous webinars. There are a few resources and articles with important information and tips, please do give them a read.

June 2020

This newsletter has articles from experts who will be conducting workshops with the trust, covering Career development, Careers in IT, Horticulture, etc.

April 2020

This newsletter has details and resources offering insights into how the

global pandemic COVID-19 effects the migrant community.



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