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The trust will strive to help migrant workers and professionals settle into the mainstream economy and workplaces in New Zealand, by providing training, counselling and any other form of support.


We strive for and work towards these goals:

  • Creating opportunities in ethnic communities which are most affected by unemployment and under-employment


  • Address economic inequalities of income & work for people from migrant background communities by providing community led coaching, mentorship and culturally sensitive learning


  • Providing guidance and training, for settlement & success in the New Zealand work places and corporate environment


  • Remove barriers for ethnic people, for access to better employment​


  • Help in improving New Zealand’s overall social cohesion and inclusiveness, by supporting established and emerging ethnic communities to participate in local economy and avail better job opportunities

  • Aim to improve economic wellbeing of migrants, which can directly impact - labour force participation

  • Provide training to existing migrants workers and professionals to excel in their field. 

  • Undertake seminars with professionals from various fields, to make ethnic people aware of the various job opportunities, career paths, education & training opportunities, up-skilling opportunities, etc. available in New Zealand.




Economic integration is the basis of cultural integration into a new society.

Workplace success is the basis to reduce inequality of income and opportunity. This leads to increased economic wellbeing, which leads to better social cohesion. This will lead to overall greater wellbeing for the community and New Zealand.

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