Auckland Jobs and Skills Hot Jobs - Released on 31st March 2022

Below are the Auckland Jobs and Skills Hubs’ Construction and Infrastructure Hot Jobs.

Should you have any candidates for these roles or anyone who wants to work within construction/trades/infrastructure/civil, refer people to the City Hub for those who live centrally, to Manukau for those who live South and Northern for those who live North.

These are just a fraction of the construction related jobs we have available.

Hubs Contact details

Please do reach out to us if you have any queries.

Northern Hub

Darren Stanton Darren.Stanton010@msd.govt.nz

Bobby Malhotra Bobby.Malhotra001@msd.govt.nz

City Centre Hub

Samantha Van der Merwe Samantha.vanderMerwe024@msd.govt.nz

Stephen Jones Stephen.Jones046@msd.govt.nz

Manukau Hub

Melanie Cooke Melanie.Cooke016@msd.govt.nz

Dasham Bedi Dasham.Bedi002@msd.govt.nz