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Empower yourself and stand up for your employment rights !

Introducing the new employment learning module

Employment New Zealand has launched the new Introduction to your employment rights learning module.

This free module will help you as a current or future worker in five key ways:

  1. Know and remember your employment rights.

  2. It’s easy! Learn with fun activities, voice overs so you don’t have to read if that’s your preference, and translations in five languages: Chinese, Hindi, Samoan, Tagalog and Korean.

  3. Empower you to raise issues with your employer.

  4. Help you sort out issues early when they are small and prevent them from growing big.

  5. Test yourself and be assured you understood the key points via the quiz.

It’s easy and definitely worth your time

You need to know your basic employment rights so you can be proactive and ensure that you are treated fairly. If you aren’t in the know and don’t speak up, you may miss out on your legal rights.

In the time you would spend for a coffee break, you can empower yourself.

The interactive exercises will fast-track your learning and prepare you to understand common employment issues.

Those problems range from not knowing your rights around your work status, pay, leave and much more. Finally, when you take the fun quiz challenge, you can test out your newly gained skills.

Your registration also gives access to further modules for your ongoing learning.

Invest in your future today

You deserve to be happy and enjoy your work.

This tool will last throughout your career.

The content is kept current and you will also be receiving free Employment New Zealand newsletters for the most recent employment updates.

For more information, click below to download details of the module:

ENZ Online Employment Learning Modules F
Download • 1.21MB


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