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Expanding Horizons: Networking for Career Growth

In today's dynamic professional landscape, possessing the right skill set isn't always enough. As the saying goes, “It’s not just what you know, but who you know.” Networking has transcended beyond mere social catch-ups, emerging as a powerful tool for career advancement. Let’s delve into 5 key points to highlight the essence of networking and the right approach to it. By viewing networking not just as a tactic but as a strategy, you can aim for new career heights. Expanding your horizons through networking can unlock doors you didn't even know existed, driving personal and professional growth.

1/ The Power of Connections

Imagine a web, where each thread represents a professional relationship. The more threads you have, the wider and stronger your net. Through these connections, you gain access to opportunities, knowledge, and resources that might otherwise remain inaccessible. A recommendation from a trusted colleague could be the difference between your CV being overlooked or shortlisted.

2/ Venturing Beyond Your Circle

Often, we limit our networking endeavours to immediate colleagues and peers. However, expanding horizons means stepping beyond your immediate circle and industry. Diverse networks, encompassing various professions and industries, offer fresh perspectives, leading to innovative ideas and solutions. Meeting people from different sectors can offer insights into market trends and shifts that might indirectly influence your field.

3/ Building Authentic Relationships

Networking is about something other than collecting business cards. It’s about fostering genuine relationships. Engage in meaningful conversations, show genuine interest, and offer help without expecting immediate returns. Authenticity in networking creates lasting bonds which are more likely to yield mutually beneficial outcomes in the long run.

4/ Online and Offline Networking

While digital platforms like LinkedIn have made connecting easier, offline interactions remain invaluable. Conferences, workshops, and industry seminars offer opportunities to mingle with like-minded professionals and potential mentors. However, your online presence can amplify these offline efforts. Share insights, participate in discussions, and showcase your expertise on digital platforms to attract organic connections.

5/ Consistent Effort and Patience

Like any valuable endeavour, networking demands consistency. It isn’t a one-time task, but a continuous effort to engage, re-engage, and expand. And, while the immediate benefits might not always be evident, patience often leads to fortuitous opportunities when least expected.


About the Author

Ms. Monika Tylova embarked on a transformative journey to New Zealand with a diverse background encompassing a former European police officer, personal trainer, and drone pilot. Overcoming initial language barriers and self-doubt, she embraced lifelong learning and discovered her passion for motorbikes as a networking platform.

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