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FIAT bridges the talent gap in the horticulture industry

With the prediction of heavy shortfall in the country for trained staff in Horticulture Industry, Franklin Institute of Agri Technology (FIAT) stands tall to give opportunity to Domestic & International Students to bridge this existing gap of talent in the Horticulture Industry.

We acknowledge Govt recognition of the key role the primary sector plays for the country’s economy. Horticulture has been part of essential services through covid-19 crisis. At FIAT our endeavor is to create awareness among young people and harness their capabilities for essential service industry. Our students are employed in appropriate jobs in horticulture, giving remarkably high success rate in job placement. We at Fiat want to cut the talk and get on with developing practical solutions for growing and exporting more vegetable and fruit for NZ by creating provision of trained staff to meet job requirements in the industry.

The total value of horticultural exports was $6.6 billion in 2020, $450 million more than in 2019. This growth is thanks to investment in new varieties, growing techniques and harvest- and post-harvest practices. To sustain this growth, New Zealand needs thousands of skilled staff in coming one decade.

We at Franklin Institute of Agri-technology (FIAT), have strong passionate values to domestic and international students to get them appropriate work or get them to star their own business.

Starting a horticulture business is a great option for small growers. One of the main reasons to study Horticulture is to gain technical knowledge of the business which will help you have your own business small or large scale.

We at FIAT offer NZQA accredited programmes for students. We have one-year and two-year programs available. For New Zealand citizen it is fees free. All our students are working in relevant field, and we have high rate of success in finding horticulture jobs. Govt. emphasis on Horticulture is high and it falls under skill shortage category & essential services.

We currently have a good mix of domestic and international students from different ethnicities & demographics, learning the skills & techniques for growing quality produce. We currently offer these courses in Auckland & Tauranga.

Important salient points are:

  • Two and half day attendance on site to cover theory and practicals

  • Job placement assistance available to FIAT horticulture students

  • We can assist in providing guidance if you want to start your own business

  • Zero fee for NZ citizens and IPRs

  • Young and mature people can study and built career

  • All our available graduates are working in horticulture sector

  • One year and two-year study option available

  • Located on a commercial horticulture in the heart of growing precinct

  • FIAT programmes have been structured on industry requirements and we adapt to any forthcoming changes in Horticulture Industry

To build a bright career or start your own business in horticulture, contact us to be part of success story happening right now.


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