Job Seekers Boot Camp - What to expect

Migrant Careers Support Trust is organising a Job Seekers Boot Camp.

To register and sign-up for the boot camp, please click here:

Four workshops to be spread across Auckland in the coming months. Workshops will be organised in the following suburbs: West Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland, Central Auckland.

- Each workshop is for 4 days [half days]

- Covers all aspects of job hunting

- Over 7-8 experts to cover all topics [Names to be announced soon]

1st workshop from 8-11 December 2020

Time: 9.30am to 2pm

Place: Te Manawa Community Hub & Library, 11 Kohuhu Lane, Westgate (opposite NorthWest Shopping Centre)

FREE Workshops | First come first serve | Limited seats.

We will be inviting experts to speak on the following topics during these workshops:

CV Building/ Interviewing

1. Master class on CV writing

2. Understanding skill sets / transferable skills

3. Interviewing Skills

4. Redoing your CV

Pre-job Skills - Soft Skills

1. Power of social media in job hunting

2. Using Linkedin for job hunting

3. Redoing your Linkedin profile

4. English Language skills, Email writing skills, Kiwi accent tips

5. Employment Rules in NZ

In-job Skills - Soft Skills

1. Introduction to Health & Safety training for workplaces in New Zealand

2. Developing the learning mindset

3. Career planning & Development

4. Grooming tips, Dress for success

FREE Photo session of all candidates.

In-job Skills - Networking/ NZ Culture

1. Corporate culture in New Zealand

2. Power of Networking: Dos and DONTs

3. How to network: Tips & Tricks

4. Internships / Volunteering

5. Migrant success stories

6. Panel discussion with VIP guest

These will be interactive sessions with experts, and at the end of the workshops, participants will be presented with certificates.

Please sign up for the workshops by registering yourself here.



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