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LinkedIn for job Hunting: A presentation by Anisha Nalin

Anisha Nalin, joined us as a speaker at the Job seekers Boot Camp- Part 3, held in Central Auckland on 7-8 May 2021.

Anisha Nalin is a senior HR and Recruitment consultant who is passionate about helping people get ahead in their careers. Anisha has worked in large organisations in a range of industries spanning from government, banking and education. Her breadth of experience in recruitment and passion for amazing customer experiences has propelled her in the world of career coaching and mentoring.

Anisha is passionate about talent and the customer centric journey. A journey that constantly challenges, innovates, and provides value. A growth mindset. It’s a way to approach the mission differently, by splitting it into deliverable chunks and tackling them efficiently, with a safe space for setbacks, iterations, collaboration and improvements along the way.

Please click below to view her presentation.

LinkedIn for Job Hunting
Download PDF • 793KB


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