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Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Sector Agreement Pathway

In this month's article, we will explore the Healthcare workforce sector agreement. New Zealand provides a range of temporary work visas, with some potentially leading to residency. Among these options is the Work to Residence Visa. Starting September 2023, care workers have the opportunity to apply for a work-to-residence pathway under the care work force sector agreement.

This pathway is designed for care workers earning NZD $28.25 per hour (level 4) under the Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlements Act 2017, enabling them to attain residence status after 24 months.

The suitable candidate needs to have a minimum of 24 months of work experience in a care workforce role in New Zealand, with compensation at or above the level 4 support workers' minimum wage. The option to include a partner and dependent children aged 24 or younger in the visa application is available.

One must have worked in New Zealand in a full-time care workforce role as a:


·         Māori Health Assistant — Kaiawhina (Hauora)

·         Disabilities Services Officer

·         Residential Care Officer

·         Aged or Disabled Carer

·         Nursing Support Worker

·         Personal Care Assistant

·         Therapy Aide

·         Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant, or

·         Diversional Therapist.

For more information or if you need additional details about the Healthcare Workforce Sector Agreement Pathway or if you want to study healthcare program, do not hesitate to contact Kiwiana Immigration Advisers. Our team is ready to provide expert guidance and information to assist you.


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