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Workshop provides tips on women empowerment in a digital world

Migrant Career Support Trust (MCST) organised a workshop recently, to empower

women from all walks of life and ethnicities with the power of knowledge to acclaim

their dreams and aspirations in the new digital world.

The workshop, organised on 15th Feb2020, was partnered by ANZ Bank and NZICA to

work collaboratively for creating this learning experience. The workshop was hosted by

NZSE (New Zealand school of Education) Manukau where the attendees were welcomed

with traditional Maori greetings and warmth.

This event was rightfully called “Empowering women in the digital age“ and focused on

the same by explaining the importance of technology and its uses while also explaining

safety measures against the potential threats posed by it.

The aim was to create awareness amongst women of different cultures irrespective of

their age and backgrounds to move forward in the society with their head held high.

The founder of MCST Garry Gupta, who took this inspiring initiative, welcomed and

addressed the gathering. He passionately spoke about how women when empowered

can achieve work success and create an equal status for themselves in the society. He is

working with the trust to bring about this transformation for the migrant community.

He said, “our purpose for this workshop is to help migrant women substantiate their

prowess and potential by creating awareness about digital world that can lay the ground

for their success in NZ.”

Garry thanked the participants and expressed, “Our trust’s goal is to ensure that

migrants can achieve economic independence and can instill confidence in themselves

to take on the world and are gainfully employed with equal opportunities”.

It was then followed by workshop by NZSE which started with women holding hands

and creating a circle of trust and enriching a sense of whanau. The workshop explained

the importance of technology in this day and age and also the tools already available to

add to the efficiency of people. The sense of community further thrived in various group activities where women gathered in groups and opened up about their ideas about the

various aspects of technology.

A sense of achievement could be seen when women in their 60’s and 70’s were able to

create their first ever email accounts! As rightfully said by Mr. Brijesh Sethi, the founder

of NZSE “we want to create hope for the women in the society and build their

confidence in achieving their aspirations”. He shared his desire to uphold the values of

Maori Culture which has its roots in Whanau and Mana Wahine.

Another very educating workshop was held by ANZ Bank, where they explained at

length to demonstrate the importance of digital banking and safeguarding against

various frauds and scams. The presentation by Priyanka Kumar from ANZ was very

informative and engaging where she answered questions on how to be empowered

against any potential digital threats like online and phone banking scams.

Smita Kanwar, the Migrant Business & Community Development Manager at ANZ said,

Our purpose at ANZ is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. Our

people are proud to help people achieve incredible things – be it buying their home,

building a business or saving for things big or small. We're also committed to increasing

the financial knowledge of New Zealanders in every community, through

our programmes and tools to help build financial education skills among the most

vulnerable members of community.

One of the attendees, said, “I certainly felt the positive energy in the ambience because

of the humility of everyone who contributed in organizing this event and how it was

facilitated smoothly. I strongly feel that these workshops can be a starting point for any

woman who has her dreams and aspirations in life despite their challenges.”

A vote of thanks was also presented by Ashima Singh who is a solicitor and a trustee

with the MCST. She gave every participant an opportunity to brave the chance of voicing

their opinion. This activity furthered the confidence of everyone present and the sense

of community was strengthened.

The event was wrapped with a Maori prayer, a few prizes and lots of laughter

Migrant Careers Support Trust is a non-profitable charitable trust that aims to achieve

social equity; inclusion and social cohesion by better economic integration of the

migrant workers and people from the ethnic communities, in the New Zealand society.

The trust aims to provide support to migrant professionals, for them to excel their

careers. This workshop was also supported by the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs via their

community grant.

A fairly new organisation, the Migrant Careers Support Trust is focusing on creating such

events in the future to help migrants & women fight for their economic independence

and equality. These events are free of cost to ensure no one is left out because of any

economic barrier. Hence anyone can participate without any inhibition and hesitation.

Please refer to their website to ensure you are hooked to

the upcoming events and make the most of it.

- Written by Mehak Sharma


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