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Report Online Violent Extremist Material

The Digital Violent Extremism Team at DIA is responsible for keeping New Zealanders safe from online harm by responding to and preventing the spread of objectionable material that promotes or encourages violent extremism.

What is violent extremism?

Violent extremism refers to an individual or group who threatens or uses violence, or advocates for others to use violence, in support of their own agenda or to further their own set of beliefs. These include belief in ideologies and religions, or prejudice against certain groups, genders, or faiths. This type of violence is often targeted at groups who violent extremists perceive as threatening or undermining their world view.

What is terrorist and violent extremist content?

Terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC) online refers to hateful or objectionable (illegal) material that promotes harmful extreme views such as:

  • Articles, images, speeches, or videos that promote or encourage violence.

  • Websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations.

  • Videos of terrorist attacks and any other content that promotes violent extremism.

To report violent extremist content please use the online form: Reporting form:

Media contact: Email:

*** This information is shared in public interest by New Zealand police.

*** Please see the attached document for further information.

Where to Report Terrorist and Violent Extremism Online (1)
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Where to Report Terrorist and Violent Extremism Online - Hindi
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